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Year 12 Graduation Song
November 5, 2021
In celebration of the graduating 2021 Year 12 cohort, Mr Tan and Miss Caputo co-wrote a song called “Goodbyes in the Eyre”. The song was performed by Mr Tan and sung by Year 12 student, Chloe Dervisevic at the final lunch break in week 2. “Goodbyes in the Eyre” was very well received by both staff and students, and was a personalised way to commemorate the past two years at Edward John Eyre High School.
“Goodbyes in the Eyre”
As history beckons me to walk these hallowed halls
Now is the moment I see every curtain falls
O how time flies, O how time cries,
For us to say our last goodbyes
As we remember all our highs and lows at Eyre
We have so many wonderful memories to share
Those hungry years, those hopes and fears,
We filled our laughter and our tears
Now that we’re moving on, we should all be feeling proud
There’s no doubt, we will stand out in a crowd
We overcame the struggles, we fought through the pain
At long last everything’s to gain
As you go on in life to live out all your dreams
You’ll keep on striving no matter how hard it seems
Now my eyes swell, as we farewell,
I wish you the best, I wish you well