Whyalla Alliance Sports Program

The Whyalla Alliance Sports Program (WASP) is designed for students who have a passion for sport, are heavily involved in the sporting community and have a desired Health Science/Sports Industry career pathway. It is open to students across the Whyalla Alliance from Year 9 to 12. The anticipated duration of this course is 12 months.

The eligibility selection criteria are as follows:

–  95% or above explained attendance at their host school
–  Successful achievement in Year 10 Mathematics, English and PLP
–  Grade Point Average of 3 or above (C average or better)
–  Successful and positive interaction within school and the community
–  Written applications/enrolment forms
–  Referee checks
–  Community involvement of sport – playing/coaching/umpiring.

Each of the following key components are link to the students chosen sport:
–  Training methods and principles
–  Fitness Components
–  Skill analysis/acquisition
–  Diet and Nutrition
–  Sports Psychology
–  Sports injuries
–  Injury prevention and rehabilitation
–  Stretching
–  Game understanding and tactical awareness.

Each key component is linked to the student’s chosen sport.

The WASP program provides an excellent opportunity for students to engage in a program that meets both their sporting and educational needs. The program is engaging and stimulates and caters for all learners through high intense training sessions and understanding of theoretical components relevant to their chosen sport.

The Whyalla Alliance Sports Program is open to students who are engaged in any sport within the community and it is our commitment to deliver to the students those sports. In 2018, the sports we have on offer are soccer, football, basketball, netball and alternative sports. Alternative sports are made up of the following sports: dance, hockey, squash, judo and boxing.

Academic Recognition
The WASP program is set up support a SACE completion and ATAR University pathway. The accreditation and attainment is as follows:
–  20 SACE Credits – Stage 1 Cross Disciplinary (Year 10 and 11)
–  20 SACE Credits – Stage 2 Cross Disciplinary (Year 12)
–  Achievement Standards in HPE – Australian Curriculum.

Potential Health Science/Sports Industry career pathways include:
–  Dietician
–  Health and Physical Education Teacher
–  Nutritionist
–  Physiotherapy
–  Chiropractor

There are local sporting industries and community facilities that enhance the running of the program and benefit the students which include – Whyalla Basketball Stadium, Whyalla Netball Courts and Whyalla Recreation and Leisure Centre.