School Uniform

At EJEHS we believe a consistent school uniform gives our school a strong sense of identity.  We have clear expectations about what is acceptable/unacceptable student school uniform. These guidelines are outlined in the EJEHS School Uniform Policy which is available for viewing on the EJEHS website along with the companion document EJEHS School Uniform Compliance Procedure which outlines steps to ensure the correct wearing of uniform.

Governing Council has moved that as part of the uniform policy:
All students are expected to wear a designated school uniform at all times.

  1. Uniform includes a branded EJEHS polo-top, jumper and non-branded shorts, track pants and a school-ordered school dress.
  2. All shorts must be 100% black and must be at least mid-thigh in length.
  3. If choosing to wear a school dress, this must be at least mid-thigh length with bike shorts worn in conjunction as an undergarment.
  4. All pants and trousers must be 100% black, with no brand markings, stripes or alternate colours.
  5. Pants may be purchased from outside of the school but must be compliant with the policy.
  6. Chinos are acceptable but must be 100% solid black.
  7. Jeans and leggings are not accepted as black pants for the uniform policy.
  8. Black faded pants and ripped clothes are not acceptable.
  9. Any student unable to wear designated school uniform for any reason should supply a note of explanation from a Parent/Caregiver to their Mentor/Subject Teacher.
  10. The school may provide a loan EJEHS polo-top, jacket/jumper and shorts/pants to students who are not following the Policy for a negotiated period of time. This must be returned and failure to do so will incur costs.
  11. All students are expected to wear enclosed footwear or footwear that has a heel strap, in line with WHS requirements.
  12. Protective, enclosed footwear MUST be worn in stipulated areas such as Kitchens, Science and Trade Training Centre.
  13. Students wearing inappropriate footwear will not be able to participate in practical lessons in some areas and not access upstairs areas.
  14. Teachers taking practical classes will be responsible for ensuring the students’ clothing is appropriate under WHS
    guidelines for that lesson.
  15. Students are encouraged to be sun smart by wearing hats, sun glasses and sun screen during periods of sustained sun exposure.
  16. Beanies, Hats, Bandanas and Hoodies should not be worn indoors/inside school buildings. These may be worn outside while at school or during class time for appropriate educational activities, such as outdoor sports as directed by a teacher.
  17. Hair should be worn in a way that is safe and appropriate for learning activities, within DECD WHS guidelines.
  18. If students choose to wear jewellery, they do so at their own risk and this must be school context appropriate. Students wearing jewellery may be asked to remove it for WHS reasons, in particular learning area activities and circumstances. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen jewellery.

A full version of the EJEHS School Uniform Policy is can be downloaded here.

Purchasing School Uniforms

Currently we have polo tops, jumpers, jackets (limited sizes), dresses, shorts and track pants. A limited number of second hand uniforms are also available for purchase. There are loan uniforms available for students who do not come to school in correct uniform.  Students needing a loan uniform will be sent to see staff in Student Services. Loan uniforms need to be returned as soon as possible, preferably at the end of the day.  Accounts will be sent home for any loan uniforms not returned at the end of each term. Families who are in financial need may apply for assistance via a Social Inclusion form which is available from Student Services or the Front Office.

The School Locker

We have worked with a range of companies to establish the best valued prices, through bulk purchasing with the Department for Education. The School Locker has been selected for their value of educational laptops, uniforms and stationery. They offer upfront payments and support families with payment plans over a range of periods, as well as warranty and repairs in Whyalla. Information and specifications can also be accessed through their website: https://theschoollocker.com.au/schools/edward-john-eyre-high-school. Parents can apply for Latitude Finance pre-approval at home prior to coming into the store using the following link: https://www.latitudefinancial.com.au/credit-cards/go-mastercard.html

Parents can call The School Locker Enquiry number if they need assistance on: (07) 3848 5887

VET Student Guidelines for Conduct: VET Student Guidelines for Conduct 2018

The School Locker Operating Hours

In order to accommodate for the start of the academic year, The School Locker will be open for extended operating hours.

Term 1 opening hours:
Tuesdays: 8.30am-11.00am
Wednesdays: 2.00pm-4.00pm
Thursdays: 8.30am-11.00am

The store will not be opening outside of these times.

Phone: (08) 8645 5729
Email: EdwardJohn.EyreHS@theschoollocker.com.au 

School Uniform Pricelist 
Jackets (limited sizes)$50
Track pants$28
Polo tops$35