Student Absences

Students are expected to be at school by 9.00am and remain until 2.50pm (Monday) and 3.10pm (Tuesday – Friday), unless they have:

  • a Home Study line and have parental/caregiver permission not to be on school grounds at this time and sign in/out through Student Services
  • a signed lunch pass to leave school at lunch time for the purposes of going home for lunch (negotiated with House Leader) and sign in/out through Student Services
  • an appointment (note/phone call/text message required) and have signed in/out through Student Services.

Students are not to leave school grounds without recorded parent permission (note, text, phone call or communication) and school permission.

For all instances of entering/exiting the school grounds during the school day (9.00am – 3.10pm) attendance/absence must be declared at Student Services, along with a parent/caregiver endorsement.

In line with the Department for Education Right Bite Policy, students are not to bring fast food onto school grounds, or have fast food delivered. Any students choosing to bring fast food onto school grounds will be subject to respectful behaviour directives as per the EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Policy and EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Procedure.

The school bell is used in a number of ways.  Primarily, it is sounded to signal the beginning of the school day at 9.00am for students to move to their first session of the day (beginning at 9.00am), end of lessons and recess and lunch breaks.  In addition, it is sounded for emergency situations.

  • Fire Evacuation Bell – one long continuous blast
  • Lockdown Bell – continuous short blasts

Signing in and out
Students must sign in and out at Student Services (SS) for all coming or going from school that is outside normal school day hours.  This includes:

  • Study Periods
  • Appointments
  • Offsite programs

It is a Department for Education requirement that all student absences are accounted for, regardless of the length.

Messages can be sent to the school from the parent/caregiver in the following ways:

  • Phone Student Services directly on 86455729
  • Phone the school on 86457677 and choose Option 2 to be put through to Student Services
  • Send a text message to the school on 0476 857 352
  • Student brings in a note and hands in at Student Services
  • Email Student Services on: