Principal’s Welcome

Edward John Eyre High School is a comprehensive Year 11 and 12 school allowing us the privilege of developing a deep understanding of the young people in our care as they transition from school to the wider community. We are committed to creating educational programs that build on each individual’s talents, interests and aspirations. I believe it is this unique quality that distinguishes us from other schools.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality teaching and learning where teachers design engaging, challenging tasks that stretch students intellectually and develop them into highly adept thinkers. Our students are encouraged to grow together and become lifelong learners. We do this through;
•  An extensive and inclusive curriculum that provides a broad range of subject choices in support of student post school pathways from University and other tertiary education to trade and other employment pathways.
•  Respecting our school’s diversity by providing a range of educational opportunities to students and families that are inclusive of the wide variety of cultural backgrounds.
•  Providing a ‘high expectations’ learning environment in support of strong academic success.
•  Engaging in SACE flexibilities to support the engagement and achievement in support of students who lack motivation or have disengaged in their schooling.
•  Providing a variety of extra curricula learning opportunities that develops the physical, intellectual, emotional and social self. An emphasis on student voice and leadership supports in the development of student–teacher relationships.
•  A unique combination of dynamic young and experienced long serving staff that are committed to student learning and achievement.
•  A culture of respect, responsibility and resilience that supports our students for them to participate positively in safe learning environments in the school and wider community.

In addition, Edward John Eyre High School is the lead school for the Eyre and Western Trade Training Centre which has supported us in developing a wide variety of Vocational programs and links with Industry. Our Industry Pathways Programs (IPP’s) are unique and enable students to engage in tailored full time programs that align to their identified careers whether that be to direct employment or future study at University. Our Career Hub provides students, parents and the broader community access to specialist career and pathway staff, guest speakers and a variety of resources in support of students and parents in identifying potential post school options and the pathway to achieve these.

The positive relationships we have with our families are integral to our work as a school. We value these strong partnerships, as they are key to ensuring our students maximise their personal achievements and are able to pursue the pathway of their choice. Our online Sentral Learner Management system supports this by providing 24/7 access to the curriculum and the online portal allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning journey.

As a school community we remain passionate and committed to the continual improvement of our school in order to maximise the opportunities for all our students and families.

I welcome families to experience our wonderful school community by exploring our website or contacting us directly.

Kinds Regards
Tim Kloeden