Policies and Procedures

EJEHS is governed by a range of policies and procedures.

These are in place to ensure that students and staff are provided the opportunity to conduct themselves within a safe and successful environment.

All members of the Edward John Eyre High School community must abide by these policies and procedures. While some are DECD produced policies and procedures, staff at EJEHS have also written many site specific ones. This is a constantly evolving process with regular reviews in place once they have been written.

EJEHS Anti-Harrassment and Bullying Policy

EJEHS Attendance Policy

EJEHS Camps and Excursions Procedure

EJEHS Drug-Related Incident Management Policy

EJEHS Emergency Evacuation Procedure

EJEHS Enrolment Procedure

EJEHS Grievance Procedure

EJEHS Mobile Phone Policy

EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Policy

EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Procedure

EJEHS School Uniform Policy

Work, Health and Safety Policy

Further information regarding cyber-safety, bullying and harassment can be found on the DECD site via this link.
A handy pamphlet on the topic for parents and students can be viewed here:
Advice for families – Cyber-Bullying & Harassment