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The Student Representative Council (SRC)  builds relationships and school pride through a shared responsibility in decision making processes, with a focus on teaching and learning. It facilitates student participation within schools and the community. The SRC is committed to responding to student concerns and needs by supporting students to speak up about improving student facilities, reporting to students and tackling student issues such as racism, bullying, sexism and other discrimination.

To promote strong leadership within the school, SRC students are exposed to many opportunities to develop their leadership capacity. This includes an induction camp, local leadership training opportunities, public speaking opportunities and event organisation.

Role of Student Representative Council

The role of SRC is to act in accordance with the EJEHS Site Improvement Plan and SRC Priorities.

These roles include:

  • Representing the student body through the EJEHS decision making process
  • Establishing and developing student driven initiatives and programs
  • Collecting evidence and advising staff regarding the learning process from a student perspective
  • Developing student leadership and personal development
  • Collaborating with appropriate staff to design and implement activities for transition visits to establish the connection to EJEHS for middle school students
  • Provide opportunities for all students to share their opinions, issues and ideas through their SRC members and feedback platforms to ensure student issues, opinions and ideas are appropriately communicated to relevant parties and actioned
  • Show initiative and organising events 
  • Meet with special guests 
  • Speak at assembiles and special events 
  • Complete tasks around the school with minimal supervision. 

Student Representative Council Members

The SRC is established by the 16 elected House Captains and Vice Captains. It is led by 7 elected student representatives known as the Executive Committee.

The leadership positions of the Executive Committee are:

  • 2 Year 12 Presidents
  • 2 Year 11 Vice Presidents
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 1 Publicity Officer.