Student Pathways

At EJEHS students are provided with a wide range of subjects through Mainstream, Flexible Learning and VET learning opportunities. By providing a range of options, all students are able to be successful and gain experience in their area(s) of interest– in line with the EJEHS vision of ‘Pathways for All’. To maintain an enrolment at EJEHS students must be working towards achieving SACE completion or are completing a VET certificate. Please refer to the below Student Pathways resources for subject specific information.

EJEHS Subject Pathways Flowchart

EJEHS Subject Career Recommendations

Students work through the Career Pathways Program and pathways counselling to distinguish what subjects to select and identify what their post school pathway intentions are. Students are required to maintain a pathways plan on the Career Tool resource. Through filling in this document, students identify their strengths and intentions post school. In Career Pathways Program, students learn a range of careers, which are available for them. They also learn a variety of pathway options exist for post school education or careers.

Possible options for students when they finish Year 12

  • School to University
  • School to TAFE
  • School to Foundation Studies
  • TAFE to University
  • School to Defence Force
  • School to Police
  • School to Employment
  • Gap Year with Travel or Employment

Students who do not achieve an ATAR or the required ATAR score have the possibility of the following to get into University

  • Foundation Studies (All 3 Universities)
  • Aboriginal Pathway Program (APP) (University of South Australia)
  • Flinders University skills test session
  • Flinders University Admission Scheme (Indigenous students only)
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT test)
  • Internal Transfer (Need to be accepted into a course through an ATAR)
  • TAFE to University

Students who are unsure of what they would like to do at the end of Year 12 are encouraged to return for Year 13 to complete further studies (To improve ATAR / be eligible for an ATAR) or complete a VET course which may be subsidised by TGSS funding. Completing a VET course at school means students can access these at a significantly reduced cost and have the added benefit of having a support teacher assigned to their course.