Negotiated Education Program (NEP)

Negotiated Education Plans (NEP) are organized with individual students in order to adapt their education and place priority on supporting their learning through individualised strategies. Levels of support vary for individual students depending on their educational assessment conducted by DECD and outside agencies. These reports assist educators to tailor modifications either in mainstream classes or complete a modified SACE.

Tailored support for student wellbeing, combined with adjusting individualised assessment and lesson structures, ensures that an NEP is focused on the direct strengths and needs of the student.

An NEP allows students a more flexible approach to developing critical knowledge and skills vital to their success. Educational aspects of course content, use of materials, assessment structures, SSO / in-class support or alternate SACE pathways are all areas that can be negotiated as part of the NEP process.

NEP students are partnered with year level coordinators and meet regularly to assess individual successes and to target areas for development. Throughout the course of an NEP student’s time at Edward John Eyre High School, communication is paramount with teachers, students and parents all working together to engage a comprehensive plan and review strategy.

Indigenous Learning Plans (ILP)

At Edward John Eyre High School, we value the contribution that our Indigenous students make to school life. We acknowledge their personal journey and their leadership in the school community in relation to reconciliation.

The Indigenous Education Officer (IEO) at Edward John Eyre High School works with Indigenous students and the community to improve literacy and numeracy skills as well as assist students in completing the essential requirements of their SACE program. Indigenous Learning Plans (ILP) are organized with ATSI students in order to adapt their education and place priority on supporting their learning. Tailoring class schedules, negotiating SSO / in-class support and adjusting assessment and lesson structures are designed to support their individual ILP needs and encourage success in all students.