Mentoring Program

Edward John Eyre High School is involved with the DECD e-mentoring online program. Eyre High students are matched with a student from Flinders University, who act as their mentor. Mentors are specially selected to ensure they have the same interests as the mentee, or are undertaking a university degree the mentee is thinking of pursuing.

Mentees meet with their online mentor for one session each week, lasting for one hour. The aim of the program is to assist secondary students to make successful transitions between school and tertiary education, as well as supporting them in a range of personal, social or cultural areas identified by the mentee. The mentor’s role includes being a sounding board, to provide support and encouragement with the mentee’s schooling and future pathways.

The e-mentoring sessions are conducted in a safe and secure online environment via Centra, a ‘virtual classroom.’ At the end of the program mentees may have an opportunity to meet their mentor and experience a day in the life of a Flinders University student.