Aboriginal Education

Edward John Eyre High School caters for the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a range of strategies.

We have Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officers based in Flexible Learning who is able to support students with their learning and wellbeing needs. This staff member is responsible for tracking the progress of students and liaising with both staff and parents to ensure successful learning outcomes.
The Assistant Principal: Student Services and Aboriginal Education teacher also provides leadership and support to facilitate this ongoing support of students.

At Edward John Eyre High School, we have an Aboriginal Education Team that monitors and tracks the progress of students. The team is made up of the House Leaders, ASETOs, the Assistant Principal: Student Services, SAASTA manager, the Senior Leader Wellbeing for Learning and the Senior Leader Flexible Learning.

Each year the team identifies improvement goals for Aboriginal Education and documents them in an improvement plan. The school’s improvement goals are in line with the Department of Education’s Aboriginal Strategy 2019-2029. The strategy is based on five principles which include;
1. Highest expectations
2. Accessibility and responsiveness
3. Culture and identity
4. Community engagement
5. Accountability