Our Students

Staff at Edward John Eyre High School acknowledge the uniqueness of all students and are committed to maximising the opportunities for learning achievement and for all students to identify and work towards a successful pathway.

We recognise the importance of education in ensuring successful futures for all students. As a consequence, we understand the value of a student being on a learning pathway for successful transition to a personally relevant life beyond school.

Underpinning our approach is our core beliefs:
•   all students can learn
•   students learn best when they are expected to succeed
•   all students are different and some may require individualised support
•   all students may require intervention at times including those who are academically gifted, those who require additional support and those who learn in different ways
•   education can be the key to a successful future.

Strategies implemented to ensure successful student learning outcomes include:
•   smaller class sizes, study supervision and individual tutoring
•   quality teaching pedagogies that are based on current research and technology
•   Wellbeing Support Officers providing students with one on one support where students have additional needs;
•   negotiated Learning Plans and Individual Learning Plans;
•   differentiated learning and assessment tasks tailored to meet individual needs
•   four House Leaders diligently overseeing and monitoring student behaviour, attendance and engagement
•   staff providing frequent communication with parents and caregivers about expectations, assessment tasks, progress and grades.