History of the School

Opened in 1968, Edward John Eyre High School (EJEHS) was to be one of three public secondary schools in Whyalla. It was originally known as Eyre Technical High School, as there was a strong focus on preparing students for the local industries. At its height it had a student population of about 1500 students in years 8-12. This was during the boom times of the seventies when the old shipyards were still open and the town had a population approaching forty thousand.

In the eighties, the shipyard closed and a large portion of the population started to drift away. This resulted in a steady decline in student numbers. During the nineties, EJEHS combined with Whyalla High School and Stuart High School to form the Whyalla Secondary College (WSC). This meant that the two schools at either end of the town would be year 8-10 schools that fed into the year 11 and 12 campus in the centre of town, EJEHS. While the WSC has since become a non-entity, the schools maintain the same configuration.

EJEHS currently has approximately 400 students, making it one of the largest senior cohorts in the state. This allows us to offer a diverse range of subjects to cater for different learning styles and requirements.