House Culture

There are 4 houses at Edward John Eyre High School, which staff and students are allocated to.
They are Wylie, Baxter, Flinders and Sturt and the executive members are leaders of these houses. By having these houses, it provides a foundation for relationships to be established between staff and students.

Students can gain points for their houses through positive attendance, academic achievement, involvement in school community events, engagement in school sport, inter-house competitions and the Principal’s Award.

The House System is used to promote a positive school culture, encourage school connectedness and celebrate student success. A strategy used to promote and celebrate these achievements and successes are through whole-school assemblies, which occur twice a term.


Tash Rayson








Kristy Patterson








Sean Sheedy








Vicky Mudge







Winners for 2018

Wylie captains and vice-captains with Wylie House Leader Mr Sean Sheedy.