Fees and Charges


The Compulsory Materials and Services Charge is used to provide students with textbooks, classroom materials and consumables. The school’s operating budget is based on the assumption that Compulsory Material and Services Fees are paid. Under the Education (Councils and Charges) Amendment Act, schools have the legal power to enforce payment of the Compulsory Materials and Services Charge. The Compulsory Materials and Services Charge is $319 for 2019 and is set annually by the Department for Education. Parents will be invoiced for subjects that attract fees separately at the beginning of each year depending on student subject selections. Please refer to our 2018 Curriculum Guide for levies.

Students that will receive no invoices:

Students enrolled in school based traineeships/apprenticeships
Students enrolled in VET courses; if students are enrolled in subjects on site they will be charged a fee per subject.
FLO enrolled students
STEP students
Students enrolled from external schools.

Payment Options

We are pleased to offer EFTPOS/credit card facilities at the front office or Visa and Mastercard via the school contact number 8645 7677 for your convenience.

  • Direct Debit
    Please fill out a Direct Debit Request form (available form from the front office, or download below) if you would like the school to deduct from a nominated bank account or credit/debit card. This agreed upon amount can be deducted either weekly, fortnightly or monthly until the invoice is paid in full. Please return completed forms to the front office. Direct Debit Request form
  • School Card
    Applicants need to complete an application form at the beginning of each year. Forms can be submitted from the start of January. Application forms are available from the front office on online at https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme.
    You may be eligible for school card if you earn under a certain amount, please see attached school card income limits. You will be liable for the full amount if no application has been submitted and approved by School Card Section prior to 24th November 2018.
  • Bank Transfer
    You can make payments via bank transfer from your nominated bank account directly into the school’s bank account.
    Account Name: Edward John Eyre High School
    BSB: 105-127
    Account Number: 470022340
    Reference: Invoice number (PLEASE NOTE: Subject fees and Materials & Services charges will need to be paid separately with their own invoice number in order to determine the correct payment for each invoice). If you have any questions about payment options for 2019, please contact school Front Office on 86457677.

Commitment to Pay Form

For a student to be able to obtain the subjects selected in their subject counselling appointment parents/caregivers are asked to sign a Commitment to Pay (CTP) form. A student’s subjects and timetables cannot be finalised until the CTP form has been returned to their Care Group/Mentor teacher. Failure to return this form would result in the student being enrolled into subjects that do not hold a fee. Where possible the student’s subject reserves will be used. Please understand a change of originally picked subjects is not always going to be possible due to a restricted number of students allowed in each subject if the CTP is not returned signed by the due date.

Student ID Cards

Students who enrol at the beginning of the calendar year have the opportunity to have their school photo taken. This will allow them to purchase a student ID card. Student ID cards are required to borrow laptops and other school equipment and to sign in late and early from student services. In 2018 student ID cards cost $5.50 when purchased after school photos were taken. After this they are available for $7.70