Enrolment Options

Enrolment Requirements

Student enrolment enquiries will be initially received by Student Services then the enquiry will be directed to one of the following staff members:

  • Student Pathways Senior Leader (mainstream enrolments)
  • Flexible Learning Senior Leader (flexible learning enrolments)
  • All enrolling students must bring along a Medicare card
  • Overseas students must provide their passport
  • Interstate transfer students must bring in previous school reports to ensure results can be sent into SACE to gain credit on subjects already completed.

Extra Information that must be provided, if relevant

  • Custody Arrangements – current documentation is to be provided to the school about any custody related arrangements
  • Serious Medical Conditions – a current health care plan must be provided to the school
  • Students on exchange are enrolled in subjects as a sit in and are not assessed through SACE procedures
  • Students from overseas as residents need to show proof of their Visa status prior to enrolment. This information must be entered on EDSAS (refer to VISA 457 change).
  • Enrolment enquiries from Year 12 students – must comply with SACE deadlines in regards to enrolment on Students Online. Students who miss this deadline will not be able to enrol in full year subjects/will be enrolled in flexible subjects.
  • Students under the age of 17 must be provided with a learning program at any stage throughout the year.
  • Local delivery enrolments (including specialist programs VET) use special enrolment form situated in Career Hub. Enrolment forms are completed via Career Manager/SACE Coordinator to the SSO Data Manager.
  • Year 10 students from Whyalla and Stuart High schools are required to complete the DECD enrolment form prior to starting at EJEHS.

Permission forms

  • There will be an assortment of permission forms that will need to be signed on enrolment. Forms to be complete in an interview (pre-packaged) include:
  • Photo consent, Local Excursion, Driving and Code of Conduct form
  • Indemnity forms for Stage 1 and 2
  • Internet permission (Cyber bullying/ OFFICE 365) for Stage 1 and 2
  • Line 7, Deadline and Lesson Cancellation letters
  • Commitment to Pay (CTP) form
  • Subject grid Stage 1 or 2

Change of details

  • It is important that staff at Student Services (SS) are updated with any change of student/parent details during the course of the year (addresses, phone numbers etc).