Parenting Program

EJEHS’s Parenting Program provides a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment with staff that are committed to assisting pregnant and parenting young adults to participate in all community activities, including education, recreation and health and wellbeing services. The Parenting Program is based at Gabmididi Manoo Children and Family Centre and is family friendly, allowing students to bring their children to school with them when needed. All young parents have a case manager to help support them to stay connected to learning.

Through the Parenting program, pregnant and parenting young adults are supported to complete their SACE and transition successfully on to further education and employment. Students can study a range of SACE subjects offered at Edward John Eyre High School, and are also supported to follow VET options that support their career planning and preparation. Curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the students with authentic assessment tasks, with practical activities being a core focus.

Strong connections with the community, including Gabmididi Manoo, Families SA, Whyalla Hospital and Community Health and Nunyarra are made with the young women, ensuring they and their families are supported in all areas of their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive wellbeing.