Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning is a strategy used to provide options for students at risk, who require individualised programs to ensure every success in their learning. Students have access to flexible spaces, which offer a number classes with specialised teacher and SSO support.

When all student intervention strategies in the school have been exhausted, it is possible for a student to be FLO enrolled and assigned a case manager. Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is an enrolment strategy available in most Department for Education schools. It allows for a flexible approach to supporting young people most at risk of disengaging from school.

A FLO enrolment supports the delivery of:

  • individualised learning pathways based on the students own educational and employment goals
  • the support of a case manager for the entirety of the FLO enrolment
  • access to community based learning centres where available and applicable
  • support for employment of specific learning achievements

A FLO student enrolment, managed by the school in partnership with community services, has been shown to successfully lead to a meaningful learning and an employment pathway.

The FLO student is:

  • provided with a meaningful, accredited learning and planned pathway to further education, training and employment
  • encouraged to develop a relationship with the school
  • engaged in learning
  • given access to those community services that are most needed to successfully address a learning barrier through their Flexible Learning and Transition Portfolio (FLTP).

This type of enrolment strategy for at-risk students has been shown to offer a far greater chance of keeping the student connected to a learning pathway.