Cross Disciplinary

Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a compulsory subject at Stage 1, normally undertaken at Year 10. PLP gives students the opportunity to develop skills in decision making, setting goals and strategies and evaluating their progress, and assists them in choosing the subjects and courses they will study in Years 11 and 12.

Stage 1 STEM A & B

Students will be exposed to a range of topics drawing from science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Problem-solving, analytical and practical skills will be explored through consideration of real-world problems. STEM gives students an opportunity to combine and apply theoretical knowledge from other subjects in a practical context.

Stage 2 Research Project A & B

Students will explore a personal area of interest over the course of the Research Project. The Research Project engages students to design their own project and choose an individual field of study. Individual student projects focus on developing research skills, investigation techniques and project management strategies based around their chosen theme or topic .

The Research Project is designed to prepare students for further education, training and work, by challenging their ability to question sources of information, make effective decisions, evaluate progress, be innovative and solve problems.

The requirements of the Research Project are that students demonstrate and document their research, processes and activities while obtaining a suitable outcome.