Business & Enterprise

Stage 1 Business and Enterprise

Students will focus on the successful management of Business and Enterprise issues in personal, business and social contexts. They will undertake activities where they research and analyse issues by taking a field trip, engaging in a group activity, conducting an investigation or an oral or multimedia presentation. They will complete at least one practical task such as researching a local business or developing a business plan and one major issues study where they will investigate an emerging trend, development or issue in business and enterprise.

Stage 1 Workplace Practices

Students will complete a folio of tasks based on the topics of career development, contribution of unpaid work to society, future trends in the world of work, employee and employer rights and responsibilities and other negotiated topics. Students will also complete work placements in businesses in line with their particular VET pathway (if being completed) or chosen career interest. There will be a significant emphasis on Work Health and Safety throughout the course and students will be expected to reflect on their learning both in the workplace and from their experiences in the subject.

Stage 2 Work and the Community

Students negotiate the content and learning covered by means of a written contract detailing their work in the community, based on part-time work or work experience placements. A one semester contract needs to reflect 60 hours of activity and a full year needs to reflect 120 hours of work.

Cert III Business Administration

The Certificate III in Business Administration will provide students with a range of skills and knowledge required for employment in general business operations, including communicating in business, using business technology, producing workplace documentation as well as book keeping and MYOB. Learning is practical and hands-on, providing students with useful workplace skills.

Cert II Hairdressing

The Certificate II in Hairdressing provides a career start for students wishing to enter the Hair and Beauty industry. Students complete a range of practical and theory-based subjects which provide them with the necessary skills to seek apprenticeships and specialise further in the industry at Certificate III level.