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Contact: (08) 8645 7677 Student Services: (08) 8645 5729


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Tranistion Skills

This morning students engaged in their third transition skills session

School Expense Voucher

In recognition of and to assist with the cost of sending children to school, Uniting Country SA have Target vouchers available.

National Career Week

Using the generated report from the forecast assessment on Year 13, students will explore a range of potential career pathways using the Career Explorer

Health Rec and Community Class

Mr Miegel’s Stage 1 Health, Recreations and the Community class are participating in The Push-Up Challenge to support in raising awareness of mental health. The challenge runs from 11 May for a duration of 21 days whereby a total of 3,046 push-ups will be completed...

National Career Week

Within program Year 13, students can view ‘shortlisted’ occupations and specifically look at the skills, interests and values of the occupation.