Harassment and bullying has a negative impact on everyone involved; the target, the bully and the bystanders. Everyone at EJEHS has the right to be treated as a worthwhile person. It is the right of every student to be able to learn, and every teacher to be able to teach in an environment which is safe, secure and free from bullying and harassment.

It is the responsibility of all those who are part of the school community to establish and maintain this safe and secure environment. Edward John Eyre High School is committed to promoting healthy relationships and preventing bullying and victimisation of children and youth.

All forms of bullying, harassment and cyberbullying will not be tolerated at Edward John Eyre High School.

Students found to be committing such acts will be dealt with under the terms of the EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Policy and EJEHS Respectful Behaviour Procedure.

For more information, please see our Anti-Harassment & Bullying Policy.